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In December 2010 she learned to make unique crafts from a scrap of paper. In January 2011, fascinated by the art of crafting and its scope she looked for places to get unique craft items to enhance her crafting skills and not being able to find what she wanted, Devika, Creative Director @ Kukies Basket Lucknow’s first imported products online craft & gift store on May 3rd 2012 decided to start a blog where she came up with a unique style of sharing craft products with the fellow bloggers.  

Observing for some months Devika came to analyze there were so many crafters,nationally,who wanted to spend on their crafting skills, but had a budget to follow. In her hometown ,Lucknow, there was no availability of the imported craft products. She then decided to start a store where she could cater to the crafting needs of the people so that the Creative Side of the people could be enhanced.

Today, Kukies Basket has got recognition from major part of the cities in  couple of months after  going public with their blog where queries are coming up from the major parts of the Metropolitan Cities, not just from North & East but down South as well and also International Crafters taking part in the KubBies is a big step for the Craftpreneur- Devika.


Khusboo said...

All the best...hope you achieve your dreams.. Any way I can help I will be very happy..do get in touch.


Dr Sonia S V said...

Very lovely write up Devika!

KukiesBasket said...

Thank you KHUSBOO for the wonderful words. :) and yes would love to get in touch with you to take one step ahead. Thank you for letting me know that i can look forward to you whenever I need some help :)

Dr Sonia. It feels wonderful when a lady who is pro at something , something that you do but she is way, way ahead of you in that and then takes time to notice something about you. Just one sentence from you of appreciation means a lot. Thank you so much.

God bless!!

Bhawana said...

Nice to know you here. I can feel that you are from lko..... I wish if you can continue to be like that. All the best dear.

KukiesBasket said...

Thank you so much Bhawana for the lovely words. And, surely I am gonna keep my self the same.

dr.jaya said...

Hi Devika!
So happy to hear that u r frm lko..me too..like u I got into into crafting in april this year.thanks to youtube!! U r so right ..schools no longer promote creativity n thts a pity..for me the happiest moment is whn I luk at sumthing I created myslf...so it's great to hear that u have come up with such a wonderful idea...it will definitely be a great help...thanks

KukiesBasket said...

Thank you so much Dr. Jaya for the wonderful words.
I would like to share a story with you here, few weeks after i created this blog i found out that you are too from Lucknow, I tried sending you a message on FB but it denied as the setting were changed, after that I felt bad that wish I could tell a Lucknowite that if she needs anything she can cross check with me and save on her shipping. And when i launched my FB page to my surprise you liked the page and it is few days back when I clicked on your blogger profile I was at the edge of the chair laughing that the lucknowite i wanted to share my page was already a part of my blog.

Much Love

Kraft Angle said...

May u achieve all that u have dreamt of ...... I really appreciate your kind thoughts .. keep it up girl :)

Kavi said...

Nice to know you

ramyasblog said...

All the best for your kukiesbasket Devika....:)

megha said...

hi nice to hear..i do not know how i missed this.i came to know today and started following you from today.